3D rendering and 3D animations for the industrial machinery sector


Industrial machinery, mechanical devices, medical equipment and heavy equipment can be very difficult to photograph. Their size and the complexity of their structure make these products almost impossible to transport inside a studio. The downtime of the plant that would inevitably occur during the making of a photoshoot and the consequent loss of money for the company is another factor that one must consider.
In this scenario, an ultra-realistic 3D rendering is the ideal solution for customers working in the industrial machinery sector, as it allows to create images with high visual impact, perfect for marketing and development.

The advantages of 3D rendering for companies that produce industrial machinery

3D rendering is a digital process with great potential for those who work in the production of industrial machinery. Thanks to this very advanced technique, companies have the possibility not only to show the product in its entirety, but also in its internal details without the need to use many paper supports that would not be able to do justice to the real product.

Marulli Studio specializes in creating 3D renderings of industrial machinery from 2D images and technical drawings.

Our projects are not only highly realistic but they show the products in a self-explanatory way that facilitates the understanding of the customer and therefore the sale.

The cost of our 3D renderings depends on many different factors, including the complexity of the product, the quantity and quality of information provided, the delivery time and the resolution of the images to be used. In addition, files sent by the customer often need to be modified in order to reach a good result, so this also needs to be taken into account before an estimate is provided.

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