3D animation production studio

Animations are the natural evolution of renderings.

If we can create a rendering and instill the illusion of a real object or person, what would happen if we animated these subjects and made them even more real and full of emotions? And what would happen if, as a final touch, we added a soundtrack, writings and special effects? To make it simple, we would create a product whose protagonists would be able to build a relationship with the audience and be remembered forever.

The animations do not replace renderings, but complete them. For printing and for “standard” advertising uses, such as books and magazines or the web, images remain the most suitable tool. In other areas, however, such as the web, fairs, events, online entertainment and presentations, videos have gained a prominent place recently. If ten years ago producing a video was very expensive because of the endless hours of calculation, today, thanks to extremely powerful computers and softwares, it is possible to make excellent videos with reduced budgets.

Marulli Studio’s 3D animations can be used for:

TV and web advertising

With 3D animation, you can create original content to entertain your audience and deliver essential brand messages.

Video Training

You can use 3D animations to create content that helps you explain in a clear and thorough manner concepts that are difficult to convey in words.

Creation of corporate mascots

3D animations are ideal for creating characters that embody the company’s values, philosophy and mission.

Product videos

3D animations can be used to create content that explains a product in detail, including composition, assembly, installation, and maintenance.

Unique website content

To impress and capture the attention of users and potential customers and promote the sale of products and services there is nothing better than 3D animations.

Other advertising materials

3D animations are perfect for creating advertising materials of all kinds, such as creative videos or explanatory materials.

What makes us different from other animation studios?

Innovative techniques

For the creation of excellent quality 3D cartoon renderings and animations we use the best available technologies and the most advanced techniques, which allow us to obtain high level results faster than the standards.

Collaborations with Italian and foreign businesses

Marulli Studio has collaborated with many companies, both Italian and foreign. The comparison with different points of view and ways of conceiving the world have taught us to think outside the box and let our creativity run free.

Effective communication

For us, communication and contact with the customer are essential to provide satisfactory results. Whether it’s a virtual meeting or a face-to-face meeting, we are in constant contact with clients to update them on the status of the work and make sure that what we are doing is in line with their initial idea.

Various uses of the product

3D renderings and animations are designed to be used in many other contexts than the one for which they were developed, such as augmented reality, virtual reality and video games. At the client’s request, the Marulli Studio team can adapt the initial project to many other platforms than the one initially defined.

Marulli Studio

Marulli Studio, realization of 3D animations

Marulli Studio is the right company to turn to if you are looking for an agency that can create 3D animations that convey what you want to communicate to the public in a visual and dynamic way. If you want to stand out from the crowd, we are the company for you!

At Marulli Studio we believe that transparency represents the base of a solid relationship with the client and that’s why our staff is always at your disposal to identify the best product for your specific needs.

If what you are looking for is a tool that can help you explain concepts in a clear and simple way, if the characteristics and benefits of what your company offer are difficult to explain through a classic video, if you want let your creativity run free or you want to give emphasis to a precise video clip, then 3D animations are for you. If, instead, you don’t see yourself in these scenarios don’t worry, our Studio will be able to help you with one of the many other services we offer.

The animators who collaborate with our company assist clients in every phase of the project, from development of creative process to the choice of animation techniques, through the script creation to the choice of narrator, when present.
Have you seen a 3D animation that impressed you? Do not hesitate to show it to us, it will be useful to fully understand your tastes and expectations.

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