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n addition to 3D animations and 3D renderings, Marulli Studio does photography and photo shoots. Thanks to the long experience accumulated, we are able to create wonderful shots that best meet the customer’s expectations..
Choice of equipment and the most advanced editing technologies help us to enhance the best qualities of the subject.

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Interior photographs
Marulli Studio carries out photoshoots in residential and commercial properties. Among our clients there are Italian and international interior designers, developers and brands.The great attention to detail we put into every phase of the work, from the framing of the subject to the color balance, allows us to obtain striking images that bring out the best characteristics of each environment.

Our photographers take pictures behind the scenes of events and shows of all kinds. Thanks to a privileged point of view, that of backstage, we are able to capture the moments that precede and follow an artist’s stage entrance, all their emotions and every detail that only those who have access to these spaces are lucky enough to experience.

Marulli Studio’s photographers love to take shots that capture the beauty of the world. Our images convey the magic of the places they capture, from the calm of a dawn to the vitality of a roaring river. Our headquarters are located in Milan but we accept commissions from all over Europe.

Buildings are not just lifeless concrete blocks. Each of them has a soul and a story to tell. Moving away from the traditional idea of inanimate objects, we create photoshoots of architectural buildings all over the world. The main goal of our photos is to reveal the more human aspect of the structures and the relationship that each of them establishes with the rest of the city.

Strength, courage, commitment and effort are the basis of success in every sport. Making all of these aspects apparent in a photo can be extremely difficult, which is why it is important to turn to professional photographers to perform sports photography services. In addition, there are significant technical challenges that must be faced, such as speed of movement, which require special skills and top quality equipment for the shots to turn out excellent.

Furry friends, wildlife, exotic species… When it comes to photographing animals our job becomes a way to explore our passions. We do photo shoots all over the world, but we mainly focus on portraying pets in their natural habitat, while they sleep in the sun or play happily with their owners.

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